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May 24, 2021 · These were submitted a mean of 4.8 months after acute-phase recovery. Mean ages of survivors and controls were 44 and 40, respectively. About 40% of survivors were women versus 61% of controls ....

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Search: Metallic Smelling Poop. Dogs have two glands on the inside of their rectum that secrete a material with a very distinct smell Speeding up digestion also means there’s less time for the colon to absorb H2O, which can lead to watery stool, COVID-19 causes people to lose their senses of taste and smell, and pandemic Metallic smell is specially due to occult blood.

Foul-smelling stool has a particularly bad odor. Often, this is due to the foods that people eat. In some cases, however, foul-smelling stool can indicate an underlying medical condition. This.

Yellow Poop. Waste that is yellow in color can have a variety of possible causes. Yellowish turds are relatively normal, especially in infants who are breast-feeding. However, yellow poop that is greasy in texture and particularly foul-smelling could mean that your bowel movements have very high-fat content.

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Dec 11, 2021 · Most Covid-19 patients do eventually regain some sense of smell. But 10 to 20 percent of those affected are still experiencing significant impairment a year after their diagnosis, Reed said..

But, for reasons unclear to the rhinology world, many phantom smells and distorted smells are extremely foul in nature. “For months after getting sick with COVID, I kept smelling a rotting meat or dead body smell that would come and go,” says Valarie Kenworthy, a Survivor Corps member who contracted COVID-19 in March.